Monday, September 14, 2009

No turning back now...

Started chopping a beat up old Rhodes 73 mk 1. Poor thing was pretty gross, and the action has sofar defied all attempts at levelling, so instead it shall become a Rhodes Piano Bass, consisting of only the bottom 32 keys (and a lot of spare parts for future repairs). Just made the first cut; so far so good.

The action is not such a big deal; measure twice, cut once applies doubly here, since you do not get a second chance to cut! What is done is done... but once I get to the harp it will be a little trickier; metal must be cut and screw holes must line up or else the hammers and tines will not meet properly. Fun times to be had by all!

Ideally this instrument will be a solid backup for the actual factory built piano bass that used by Spesus Christ; with all the travelling back and forth between Portland and San Francisco, it will be nice to have one more thing that can be left at home one way or the other!

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