Friday, October 2, 2009

How do these things even happen?

A problem on my Rhodes that I've been beating around the bush of fixing is the matter of the rear harp cover support splitting away from the body of the instrument. Besides letting the harp cover (the round top) drop into the instrument and look silly, it actually starts to get in the way of the damper assembly. Finally today I glued and clamped it.

Last week was both hectic and relaxing - spent it all in Portland with Spesus Christ, playing shows, recording a podcast, rehearsing and maintaining all the vintage stuff we use. I may have busted one of the 10s in my SVT cab, but I haven't even had a chance to look at that since I got home. Mostly, I've just been sick. Perhaps that's what I get for driving home from Portland to Oakland solo in one day?

Brought home some nice prizes though; a great Kirsch piccolo snare drum, and a couple 4-track (2 at a time) tape machines, one pictured here. Sounds as good as it looks, although both need some normal tape machine maintenance.

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