Thursday, August 28, 2008

Urei good person!

Organizing equipment around the home studio for a bevy of performances this weekend. Always things to solder and repair. Also going through old outboard gear that's been floating around the department at work unnoticed, probably for decades at this point, including some Valley People gear, etc. Mostly rackmount stuff, but included an 8 channel mixing console with more small indicator lamps than most modern 32 channel boards (also about the same weight!)

I reworked the action on a Jaymar 2.5 octave toy piano a couple weeks back, and All My Pretty Ones be using it in performance on Saturday, that's to be looked forward to. It always amazes me how musical things like these can be, despite being intended as toys with no professional aspirations.

picture is of two Urei parametric EQs, model 545; one of them serial # 545!

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