Saturday, August 30, 2008

So you really think we need the bass?

Lots of goings on around here. I recently bought a broject bass from Moe! Staiano (!) and took apart another junk bass for some parts to get it completed. Still to do; replacing the nut and finding a bridge. It's a fretless, in my favorite configuration; pbass deluxe, which involves a p-bass pickup and a jazz bass bridge pickup.

More vintage phone finds, including a bizarre old Erricson phone designed to sit on its dialing end, actuating the flash-hook with its own weight; as soon as you pick it up - dialtone! Also, a '53 Western Electric 500C; all original, except for the outer casing. It is extremely common for these phones to have parts swapped out, as they were built to be repaired (as opposed to replaced, like modern equipment).

pic is Jaymar toy piano with the guts exposed! When I originally opened this up, it had a high end action problem which turned out to be due to an acorn lodged between the top key and the casing.

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