Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More Cable!

Most devices other than computers nowadays aren't designed with user interface in mind, such as the stereo receivers installed in the stereo systems we have in the classrooms of our music department; while it's nice for the non-tech savvy among us to see a row of buttons for all of the input options, it is not so nice that the "Tape 2" button works differently from the rest of them, activating a "tape monitor" function that re-routes the output of the amplifier through the tape 2 send regardless of any other buttons you might choose to press, until you press it again. I now have the tape 2 sends plugged into the tape 2 returns, so if the button is pressed, nothing happens. Nothing like good old fashioned ingenuity.

Lined up our polytone amplifiers and swapped parts until two of them worked completely. The only non-working amplifier left in the department is the Fender Bassman 100 head that someone pulled the tubes out of a couple years ago and somehow blew up the power switch (!). That's being outsourced soon, pending beauraucracy.

Pic is of polytone amps lined up after testing. Cheers!

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