Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Lots going on, starting to have trouble keeping up, honestly.

The ability of electromechanical keyboards to continue to function nearly perfectly after years of neglect never ceases to amaze me. New Wurlitzer 200A operating nearly perfectly, just needs a few action tweaks. And a damper pedal. Luckily Vintage Vibe makes a really beautiful reproduction (as opposed to replacement) for it. Pricey, but you get what you pay for. Had a chance to check one out that belongs to a friend of a friend in Portland this weekend while on tour.

And an update on the Space Echo from last post... after a long time sitting in a rehearsal studio untouched, the smell has significantly reduced, and I suspect that with another few weeks of sitting open and out of the way, it may disappear almost completely. I may give it a vinegar scrub anyway, just to hurry it up a bit.

Now, have a Kurzweil PC88 to reassemble for a friend, bass pickups to swap, and a light show to prepare for Friday. Pic is of the new Wurly getting ready for a cleaning.

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