Monday, March 26, 2012

Does this dude talk about stuff other than chipmusic gear?

Yes,  I swear I do. Tube amps and more oscilloscopes on the way. Also putting off my re-do of the last post's gameboy EL backlight until tomorrow or so. Spoiler alert: when drawing power from a different place, it's even more awesome.

But for now, a quick update on something exciting (to me anyway).

That's 8 SID chips, fresh off the boat from Denmark.

I've been enjoying my sammichSID quite a bit since I built it, but I've lamented having only one older 6581 style SID chip. There are a ton of subtle differences between the two types, but the not-so-subtle difference is that the envelopes on the older chips leak profusely. At stage performance volumes, it's a big problem.

But now...

Two 8580 chips. I am very, very pleased to say the least.

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