Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Game, boy!

It's that time of year, I suppose. Somehow I managed to survive the holiday season without the usual overload of performances, , which I might normally consider a curse, but this year I see as a blessing - a chance to focus on family when I find my family growing rapidly!

I traded my bassman 50 for my dad's silverface twin, which after a little work has been an amazing little workhorse - she got put through the paces during the winter holiday show at work,
where I played the wurly 200a through her (at 9am every day no less!), mostly at very low volumes... the reverb picks up a lot of noise from the lighting system in our theater though, but I don't know how to solve that other than just loading up on sheilding... Kevin and I were involved in a bizarre Dandelion Dancetheater event yesterday, and experienced his silverface twin exhibiting exactly the same symptoms, so at least now I know I'm not crazy!

I've suddenly gotten into modding my game boy, and installed a great pitch mod kit offered by getlofi.com. Definitely check it out, but if you decide to do this yourself, don't watch the example video they offer on that page, watch this one instead! And then, get in touch with me because their directions are still a little off! Wonderful product though! I went a step farther and added a s
witch to
turn the mod off so I could also use it as a normal gameboy, then bypassed the headphone amp for a direct line level output - probably the most useful part of the whole thing! You can see it all, along with some xmas cheer, up in the first photo. Second photo is me and Kevin's twin twins playing piggyback...