Wednesday, November 4, 2009

welcome to the rat shack

Recent Spesus tour was quite a success and proceeded without major technical incident. Tons of fun though! Played to great crowds in SF and Portland, and a small but enthusiastic crowd in LA. Now I find myself at home again, neck deep in projects, again.

Photo is of a delightful new device dubbed the Rat Shack. It's a rehousing of the circuit from a Radio Shack reverb unit of unknown vintage. Pretty messy inside, and the pots have extra-long shafts which I need to change, but it sounds great as both a reverb and as a distortion, and looks fancy on a pedalboard to boot! Whole project came about as we were using a similar borrowed unit as an effect in the Spesus set, as Cameron's was broken... took his apart and made it into this!

Have a show to design at the University, opening weekend after next, and another show to practice banjo for. I certainly don't expect anything to quiet down soon! I've got a pile of synths (my own and others') to fix, and I need to clean and change the strings on a borrowed guitar and get that back quite soon... oy oy....

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rocdrums said...

There are cool people in this world. You are one of them. What a spiffy li'l device! Ooga chaka ooga chaka!