Sunday, October 12, 2008

a second chance at life

I wonder how much perfectly usable gear is floating around in people's closets and basements... needing nothing more than a good cleaning, a new pair of strings, or perhaps a new fuse... I picked up an old Roland Cube 60 (the kind with the adorable orange tolex) from a lady about 50 miles out from me who simply didn't want it. After a bit of knob twisting and some serious detail cleaning work, it's good as new, and looking like a million bucks! Or at least the full couple hundred that it's worth...

Now it's one more amp to keep spare fuses on hand for... it's a good idea to keep spare replacements of every part that can go bad and easily be replaced on your gear on hand, in a toolbox on tour or even at local gigs. This includes but is not limited to; tubes, fuses, pilot lamps, strings, batteries, cables (speaker, mic, instrument and power), cymbal felts, drum tension rods - if you really want to go crazy, tuning machines, casters, knobs, straps, strap buttons and strap locks, knobs...

My emergency collection is actually a little bit behind, but I haven't been taking my amps touring much lately. :)

Pic is of the new Roland Cube 60, chillin' with the telecaster.

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