Monday, September 22, 2008

pre-post modern piano

Still busy throwing everything together for the start of school. A flurry of activity around the house at the same time; new telephones, new projects. Oddball pieces of junk floating in and coming out as nice, usable instruments; a Japanese 12" tom with a nice red sparkle wrap, an old Univox bass cab, and now Rhodes Pre-Piano #2...

Harold Rhodes' first instruments were lap pianos made out of airplane parts for rehabilitating injured soldiers. When he left the army airforce, he made these "pre-pianos" and sold them for home use. They were only made in the late 40's, and most of them haven't survived well. Mine is in pretty good cosmetic condition, but is probably an 9/10 functionally. I just got a second one in terrible shape which I'm beginning to strip for parts to create one new one; my new pet project!

It's a great little instrument; it's basically an electric toy piano.

Pic is the new junker pre-piano, freshly unboxed.

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